Tiny round tin box OR0502A-01 for health care products

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Size: Dia.70*46mm

Mold No.: OR0502A-01

Thickness: 0.23mm

Structure: a three-piece structure round tin box, aluminum inner lid with pull tab and a small window.

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Tiny round tin box OR0502A-01 for health care products -after opening the lid

This tin package is used for only one pill which is very expensive and famous for its amazing medical performance and value. The small round tin looks tiny but sturdy. Especially, there is an inner lid of aluminum with a pull tab. It is the unique function of this tin packaging, different from other normal tin. It can make customers feel comfortable and at ease. As you know, this special structure can keep the pill fresh and avoid the pill from being stolen or counterfeited before the customer’s use. Also, there is a plastic hole or window on the aluminum lid, which allows the consumers to confirm if the pill is there or not.

Another point worth to mention is the printing techniques. The red and gold color is not printed on the white coating. It is called metallic printing effect. People can see the grain of the tinplate clearly. The metallic color looks shiny and flickering, which can also makes the products looks upmarket.

Above the printing, there is a protection layer which we call varnish or finish. We have glossing varnish, matt varnish, glossing & matt finish, wrinkle varnish, crackle finish, rubber finish, pearl ink finish, orange peel finish, etc. Any finish you prefer, we can make it for you.

Conformity: Raw materials are MSDS certified and finished products can pass the certification of 94/62/EC, EN71-1, 2, 3, FDA, REACH, ROHS, LFGB.

MOQ: We are flexible on MOQ to meet different customers’ requirements. Customer satisfaction is our highest priority.

After-sale service: Quality is always the first. During the warranty time, as long as there is any defect that is proved to be our responsibility, our professional after-sale term will make quick and effective response to solve the issue. They will also take solid measures to stop the same defect from happening again in the future.

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