Rectangular tin box kit ER1374B-01 for tea

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Size: 155*72*100mm

Mold No.: ER1374B-01

Thickness: 0.23mm

Structure: Square tin box with hinge. 3-pc normal structure: Lid +body +bottom, body rolled onto bottom. 3 smaller tin boxes inside.

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Rectangular tin box kit ER1374B-01 for tea -inside of 4 boxes

Mondelez China office once held a packaging innovation competition activity. They invited suppliers from plastic packaging, paper packaging, tin packaging and packaging of other materials to participate and asked their office staff to vote to choose the best one. This rectangular tin box kit ER1374B-01 received the most votes. And the CEO of Mondelez China also gave a high appreciation when he saw this amazing tin package.

The large tin box contains 3 smaller tin boxes inside. It is with CMYK printing, metallic gold and matt finish. All of the 4 tin boxes are embossed with regular and orderly patterns which is very beautiful and impressive. With the metallic gold color, the whole tin box kit give a royal and premium look and deliver a strong message of luxury, turning the tin box kit into a pcs of work of art.

With the 3 smaller tin boxes, we can put 2 or 3 different kinds of tea leaves inside instead of 1 kind. So consumers can enjoy 2 or 3 different kind of flavors of tea. Since the 3 tin boxes are small and can only contain small quantity of tea leaves, psychologically people will think the tea leaves in the small.

To fix the 3 smaller tin boxes firmly, the large tin box has a lining inside and the 3 smaller tin boxes are fixed in the lining.

With this amazing packaging, your brand and products will deliver a strong message of top quality with confidence, create a highly aesthetic effect. It is so eye-catching that it will easily stand out from the store shelf against competitors’ products. Consumers will be engaged and convinced to touch and examine your products. They will be happy to pay for it and keep the tin box kit into connection after consuming the tea up. A loyal brand following is being built.

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