Rectangular Hinged Tin Box with Lock and Plastic Fitting ER2067A for Skin Care

Short Description:

Size: 244*122*57.5mm

Mold No.: ER2067A

Thickness: 0.23mm

Structure: Rectangular hinged tin box, 3-pieces-can structure, with a plastic accessory embedded in the tin box, with the lock and the rivet to connect the cap and the body.

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Rectangular Hinged Tin Box with Lock and Plastic Fitting ER2067A for Skin Care -side view

This rectangular tin box is designed to accommodate 5 units of essence. This can also be used for packaging of other skin care products such as hand cream, lotion and other personal care products.

With the matt finish on the cap, this tin box brings consumers a soft touch and it looks high-end with its special design. Except for the matt finish, the tin box can also be made by glossing varnish, glossing & matt finish, wrinkle varnish, crackle finish, rubber finish, pearl ink finish, orange peel finish, etc.

The embossing on the cap make the cap look more stereoscopic and exquisite. We can achieve consumers’ demands by three different kinds of embossing skills, including flat embossing, 3D embossing and micro embossing.  

With the assembling of the lock and the rivet, the products inside can be packed firmly and safely, this is a special design and an intelligent mix-up between two different kinds of tin materials. Besides that, the plastic filler we set in the box is workable to fix and protect the fragile products from being broken. And the lock also prevent the situation that kids open the box by accident and ruin the products inside.

As you can see, the structure of the cap and the bottom are the same, which is requested by our consumers. And it looks harmonious.

Except for the above things that can be customized, the size, the shape and the printing of the tin box can also be designed accordingly. Also the filler or pad that needs to put inside can be customized. It can be in sponge, plastic, paper and so on.

Conformity: Raw materials are MSDS certified and finished products can pass the certification of 94/62/EC, EN71-1, 2, 3, FDA, REACH, ROHS, LFGB.

After-sale service: Quality is always the first. During the warranty time, as long as there is any defect that is proved to be our responsibility, our professional after-sale term will make quick and effective response to solve the issue. They will also take solid measures to stop the same defect from happening again in the future.

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