Customized Rectangle Tin Box with Window ES1067A-01 for Skin Care

Short Description:

Size: 152*127*36mm

Mold No.: ES1067A-01

Thickness: 0.23mm

Structure: Rectangular tin box, 3-pieces-can structure, roll-out edge for lid and body, with a paper tray inside the tin box, with matt finishing on the surface.

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Customized Rectangle Tin Box with Window ES1067A-01 for Skin Care -inside

This rectangle tin box is designed to accommodate 4 pieces of hand cream. It can not only be used to pack hand cream, but also can be used for packaging lotion, essence, hair oil and other personal care products.

The matt finishing on the surface allow the tin box to look delicate and it brings the consumers cozy feeling with its comfortable tactile. Except for the matt finish, we have glossing varnish, glossing & matt finish, wrinkle varnish, crackle finish, rubber finish, pearl ink finish, orange peel finish, etc. Any finish you prefer, we can make it for you.

The paper tray we set in the tin box can help to hold the products properly and orderly. All of our products can be assembled by different pad or filler which are in different kinds of materials such as sponge, plastic and so on. 

With the transparent window on the cap of the tin can, the products that have been packed in it can be shown clearly to the buyers, which contributes to attract consumers’ attention greatly. Besides, the size of the window can be customized according to clients’ demands too. Some of the customers would like to show a small piece of the product and some would like to have a full-range window. All of these can be achieved.

Except for the above things that can be customized, the size, the shape and the printing of the tin box can also be designed accordingly. If you are looking for ways to make some specific words or images on the tin box to look prominent, our embossing skills also can help to achieve the effect. We have three types of embossing skills which are flat embossing, 3D embossing and micro embossing, all of these can be designed as requested.

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