Round tin can OS1007A for tea

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Size: DIA70*105mm

Mold No.: OS1007A

Thickness: 0.23mm

Structure: Round tin can with body welded. 3-pc normal structure: Lid +body+ bottom, body rolled onto bottom.

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Round tin can OS1007A for tea -inside

This welded round tin can is used for holding tea. Due to its good airtight ness, it can also be used for coffee.

It is in 3-pc normal structure and its body is welded. White under-print with metallic color printing and matt finish. The blue color is gradually changing while the matt finish gives a comfortable and textured feeling, lending elegance to the products.

Welding is smooth and beautiful, with high sealing performance. The welded tin cans can be directly loaded with large quantity of tea. They are suitable for most kinds of teas, so it is easy to achieve standardization, which is good for mass automatic filling and sealing. It helps to reduce labor cost.

It also saves plastic or paper bags inside the tin can, directly reducing materials and processes and cost. Therefore, this welded round tin can is also more environmental friendly.

Welded tin can is a huge technological breakthrough in the history of tea packaging, a technological leap.

In the past, welded cans were only used for packaging products such as fruit, meat, etc. Now it is used to pack tea or coffee. Why? Because it is airtight and can well prevent moisture from coming inside the tin can. So it can keep the dryness and the freshness of tea leaves. The printing ink on the outside 

Conformity: Raw materials are MSDS certified and finished products can pass the certification of 94/62/EC, EN71-1, 2, 3, FDA, REACH, ROHS, LFGB. 

MOQ: We are flexible on MOQ to meet different customers’ requirements. Customer satisfaction is our highest priority.

After-sale service: Quality is always the first. During the warranty time, as long as there is any defect that is proved to be our responsibility, our professional after-sale term will make quick and effective response to solve the issue. They will also take solid measures to stop the same defect from happening again in the future.

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